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Less than 3 minutes will be enough to update each file. Save hours of document management, paperwork, communication and dedicate your time to what is really important.



The management software for efficient offices

Management software for

Growing law firms

Free time, believe it or not, exists. Sudespacho's management software for lawyers works for you and your firm.

Centralize all management in one place, save time and dedicate it to what you really need.

Work without stress, attract more customers and reconcile your life with this intuitive, secure, complete and customizable software.

software for lawyers

The ideal software for

Productive consultancies

Increase productivity, reduce expenses and eliminate stress in your consultancy.

Sudespacho's management software centralizes all processes, documentation and communications in a single program. Save time organizing and focus on your customers.

You will be more efficient and have more satisfied customers.

software consultancies

Facilitate communications with the

Client Portal

Exchange information with your customers in a safe, organized and agile way. Show how professional you are and make organization the hallmark of your office with this Client Portal.

Upload documents massively and they will be automatically assigned to each client, sign and request signatures remotely.

You will have plenty of time to attend to queries, answer emails, create reports and manage all the documentation in a single application.

portal for clients

Backed by 18 years of experience

Firms like yours know us

We help more than 96,000 firms to optimize their organization, manage documentation, improve communication with their clients and work better.

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All your apps in one place

Solve all the office problems with our integration bank. Managing everything within the same program reduces errors and improves organization

Your clients will feel as confident as ours

As you read this, there are more than 45,000 professionals working without stress thanks to our management software

Highlight how simple it is to implement Sudespacho in their company
Feel accompanied by our support & quality team
Is the average rating that our customers give us on Google

Plans & Prices

Find the perfect fit to your needs

We improve the organization of professional offices with our management software. Buy the version that best suits you and forget about problems.


All the basics for offices that are starting


  • 100 clients or files
  • 1 user
  • 5 GB


Ideal software for one-person offices

€35.95 /mes

  • 500 clients or files
  • 1 user
  • 100 Gb
  • Email manager


Everything you need for an office with 2 or more users

€49.95 /mes

  • 1.000 clients or files
  • Users as contracted
  • 250 GB
  • Email manager
  • Online document editing


The version for demanding offices

€84.95 /mes

  • Unlimited clients/files
  • Users as contracted
  • 500 GB ampliables
  • Email manager
  • Online document editing
  • Recurring fees
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We know that the volume of work in the offices is overwhelming and time is precious. When there are more contingencies than planning, a management software is necessary.

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