• First, we access the CRM by entering the username and password and click on log in.
  • Once inside the CRM, if we click on the top icon of the wrench we will access the general configuration of the program and we will see the “integrations” tab where the MailChimp icon will appear at the bottom and from where we can link or unlink the email account associated with our MailChimp account.


  • Once the account is linked (in the demo that we sent you we have already linked a test account) we can access, for example, a client to see how to schedule a meeting through zoom.
  • To do this, secondly, we will first access the list of clients by clicking on the “files” button and then “clients”. We will enter any client, click on “history” and on the tab called “zoom”. Once in that tab we will find the button “schedule a meeting” that will open the screen to create a performance / event within the program and at the same time generate a meeting in our zoom account simply by entering the date and time we plan to hold the meeting.
  • When creating this event, an event will be generated in the agenda of the program for that day and time and we will receive an email with a reminder and the meeting access data (reason for the meeting, day and time, meeting id and password, as well as a button to directly access the meeting) -> example: . Another reminder email will also arrive with the advance notice defined when creating the event.
  • Once the meeting is created we will have the data of the same in a simple and visual way and we will be able to access to start the meeting, join the meeting or view the recording that has been made by clicking on the buttons for that purpose.
  • And ready! We have already scheduled and / or held a meeting with our client from the CRM with the Zoom application


  • Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  • Click Manage -> Installed Apps or search for SuDespacho App
  • Click the SuDespacho App
  • Click Uninstall

Contact Support

  • CRM customers can contact the support team by phone or directly through the chat that appears at the bottom right of the website , always within the business hours indicated on the website.
  • In addition, within the CRM they will have the same chat in an always visible way for any questions or queries that may arise during the use of the management program.
  • In case they need to contact outside business hours, they can use the same button to send queries that will arrive by email to the support department and that will be answered the next business day during business hours.
  • Likewise, in the “support” tab of the website, they will be redirected to the website where they will be able to access videos and tutorials to answer any questions regarding the use or operation of the program. From the CRM itself if you click on the “help” tab you will also have the contact information with support and access to the rest of the resources.